Further anti-MySQL bile. I hate MySQL, this morning. While doing some nice sysadmin type stuff, I wanted to either lock a database down or (better yet) take it offline completely, while leaving everything else untouched. A quick command in MS SQL Server or a few clicks of the mouse, if you are so inclined. Easy. MySQL does not have this basic, basic admin feature. Hacks from the intrawebs include:

  • Changing user permissions.

What the heck? I have to tinker with user permissions to TAKE A DATABASE OFFLINE? And flush tables locks all right--every table in every database. If you're running one database, that's fine. Me, I've got closer to 30. Sure, in our case, this is because we have a couple of apps that are badly designed.  But still. What if I had two? Say, a blog and a wiki? Same problem. Take one down, take the other down. Or fiddle with permissions. I'm sorry, this is just wrong.