When testing a web site with various levels of user permissions, I thought it would be useful to be able to login with different accounts on different tabs of one Firefox session (especially because that's all you can really have of a given profile). Towards this end, I found CookiePie. It works great and, as advertised, lets you keep multiple sessions of a web application running. However, after a little bit of experimentation today, I found that it interferes with at least three web apps:

  • VMWare 2.0 web Interface
  • Facebook
  • Napster web interface (no, I'm not a pirate; the first time I used Napster was after it had become a legal, paid service).

So, unfortunately, CookiePie must remain disabled on my Firefox profile. I need those apps a lot more on a daily basis than I need CookiePie. Still, it would be nice to see if they can clean up the bugs that make it interfere with other apps. I wasn't using CookiePie on any of the above, so it shouldn't have been interfering with them. It is possible that the only way to get this functionality right will be to bake it right into the browser. To the best of my knowledge, this has not been done on any major browser.