Life has been hectic as of late. Details will remain sparse, but I plan to get some writing up on this blog soon, but, as the title implies, this blog post is about the blog itself. Part of the reason that I have had gaps between posts here is that, by nature, I am a person with many interests and, while computers are a big one, they are by no means the only one. So, I am going to take a moment to admit what some of them are.

Literature. I love literature, poetry, folklore, and mythology. So much so that going back to school to work on an MA and PhD in English literature sounds lovely--except that I don't have $100K to spare.

Music. I have recently begun trying to learn guitar. My wife bought me a guitar over a year ago. During the last  few months of her pregnancy with our first son, I lost complete track of this attempt. As far as music  that I like, I like some Christian contemporary (though not much), Celtic in all flavors, some folk, and some oldies rock.

Writing. I have a pile of finished or partially finished short stories that I have been writing as well as a partially put together novel manuscript.

History, politics, philosophy, and theology. I have an interest in all of these things, though not, perhaps, as deep as some of my other interests.

Anyway, I mention it because this blog probably, in order to prevent these times of radio silence, will begin including anecdotes from my other interests. Anyway, stay tuned!