Between some of my contracting work as of late, which has involved installing/upgrading other people's servers, and rebuilding my own home network server (that provides such glorious services as printing and music to any location in the house via wireless) I have spent a lot of time as of late digging, poking, and prodding through configuration files. From mail servers, to web servers, from PHP to MySQL, configuration files are just a dime a dozen. Of course, the first "version" of the configuration isn't usually correct, any more than the first version of a given source file or class is usually correct. So, at the end of the day, what do we get? Configure, restart the appropriate services, and test the functionality. Then find out that that foo's config file conflicts with baz's config file and the whole process starts up afresh. The point is, that the cycle very much resembles that which would be considered "development": edit, compile/interpret, and test. Just an encouraging thought next time you're poking through goodness knows how many files: you're coding just like the guy sitting encamped in front of his C# compiler.