I usually keep this blog pretty much on-topic (the topic being a conglomeration of computer-related topics that I am interested in or working on), so I don't feel bad about wandering off once or twice.

Last night, I had a pizza experience. My wife and I ordered a pizza and as we were eating it, I noticed one line printed on the side of the box:

Your pizza experience was managed by Joshua

Now, Joshua, should you, perchance, come across it the pizza was good. And I get the point. If I have a complaint, ask for Joshua. But that is one of the worst examples of PC sales talk I have heard in quite a while. My "pizza experience"? Are you talking about the food or the rumbling my stomach does all night after eating a few slices of it? What the heck is a "pizza experience"? And why, for pete's sake, does everything have to be an "experience"? From using Windows to eating pizza, marketoids intone about the "experience". Shut up about this ethereal "experience". Eating pizza is not achieving nirvana. Using the OS does not make me giddy (what it enables me to do can, but not manuevering the system itself).

So, knock it off with the "experience" and just give me good pizza.