I have full suspend/resume working, with binary nvidia drivers, and the ath5k driver for my wireless! Running on Fedora 11 Rawhide (11.90, according to my new boot screens). My /etc/pm/config.d/suspend_modules includes a line unloading ath5k. Other than that, it all works.

So, to summarize: I have an HP/Compaq Presario F756NR laptop, with an Atheros wireless card, an nvidia GeForce 7-series card (I forget the details) with an AMD Turion 64 X2 processor, with 2GB RAM. (Why do I have the feeling that, someday, I will read this article and feel like a dinosaur?)

To get it all running beautifully, I:

* Installed Fedora 11.
* Added hpet=disable and pci=nomsi to the kernel options
* Enabled the Rawhide repo
* Updated everything
* Added ath5k to the list of modules to be unloaded on suspend and reload on resume.

And it works. Wireless. Accelerated graphics. Power management. WHOOHOOOO!!!

ADDENDUM: Once I updated the kernel to 2.6.30, the pci=nomsi parameter had to be removed.