As my previous post may indicate, I've been interested in setting up a few games on my Linux box. As I have been reading articles and browsing around, it seems that many of the highest quality games are not in official repositories and require adding new repositories (like UFO:AI) or compiling from source (like FreeOrion). There aren't many high quality games available for Linux, but it seems like the official repositories do not have many of them available by default. When gaming is frequently cited as a reason not to leave Windows, this seems crazy. Heck, I've been using Linux on the Desktop (usually in a dual boot environment) for a few years now and I didn't know about many of these projects until fairly recently. What would the more newbie-ish users see? Well, they would fire up Synaptic or KPackageManager or graphical YaST, or something like that and see no decent games. A few card games, maybe. The kind of thing that ships with Windows by default. They would google games and see only stuff that runs under Windows. Distros that want to capture the desktop audience (I'm looking at you, Ubuntu and Fedora) need to get on the ball.