I wrote not too long ago about my impressions of Chandler and its development after reading the book Dreaming in Code. Now, before I continue, I would like to point out that I understand that the open source world has, by and large, forgotten about Chandler. For good reason, too. It is the open source world's equivalent of Duke Nukem Forever--well funded, ambitious, and hyped vaporware. So, to some extent, the world has already stuck a fork in Chandler, but bear with me. The interest in Chandler may be minimal, but if you go to the OSF's web site the dream is clearly still alive. When I logged into my Gmail today and was marking some mailing list messages read, I noticed that there was a new option: "Add to Tasks". Hmm. Gmail now has an option whereby an e-mail can "become" a task. This sounds strangely like the Chandler concept of stamping, the goal of which was to "knock down the silos" dividing the different types of information. The dream that was behind that software is starting to leak out and spread. Pretty soon, they will have nothing to bring to the table, not even the vision that kept everything going. Gmail is rapidly heading, through evolutionary development, where Chandler has only dreamed of.